Adhesives / Grout

Adhesives / Grout

Timberfix has a comprehensive selection of adhesives and grout products for all of your construction needs.

We carry some of the most trusted brands in the business, including Parchem, Sika, Drizoro, WD-40 and more. These products have proven themselves and have become mainstays of construction projects across Australia. They are sought after for their reliability and excellent performance.

A Wide Selection of Products

Timberfix's product range covers virtually any construction application, from building bathrooms to pouring driveways.

Our extensive knowledge of the products and large stock allow us to provide construction sites across Sydney and New South Wales with everything that their project requires.


Adhesives and Fillers

Ideal for glueing, glazing, woodfilling, plumbing work and more, we have an expansive selection of adhesives and fillers.

Backset and Acid

Find backset, acids and cement dissolvers here at Timberfix. Our products help you remove cured cement, grout and concrete off almost any surface without damaging the work beneath.

Concrete Mix and Bagged Products

We offer a selection of concrete mixes, bitumen and sand. We offer the Sika Cementitious range, repair mortar and repair grout.

Concrete Sealer and Wood Treatments

Protect your finished surfaces with treatments and sealers.

Expanding Foam

Our range of fire-rated expanding foam works best for sealing partitions, joints, compartment walls and floor that require fire-rated properties.


Megapoxy is a heavy duty epoxy paste perfect for repairs and structural bonding.

Oils / Lubricants / Degreasers

Lubricate, finish or remove stubborn deposits with our selection of oils, lubricants and degreasers.


Find a wide range of standard paint and paint products, including primers and thinners.

Oxide Products

Add colour to your cement for an attractive, professional finish. Our oxide cement colours come in a range of shades. Find neutral, timeless colours of beige and brown, or find more exciting colours, such as blue and ocean green.


Clean or strip paint with a wide selection of solvents from Timberfix.


Timberfix ships to anywhere within Sydney, Blue Mountains and New South Wales. Contact us today.