Date: 14-Oct-2020

BONUS 30 Ltr CHILLER‼️ With thanks to TIMBERFIX when you purchase a carton of Ramset Chemset 101 Jumbo or Ramset Reo 502 Heavy Duty Epoxy.

To qualify for your BONUS CHILLER, when purchasing your carton of Ramset Chemset 101 Jumbo or Reo502, simply quote the Ezi Order code: CHEM101JUMCHILL (remember to use "CHILL" at the end of the code!)

Free Chiller only while stocks last. Prices ex gst & delivery.
Call Timberfix on 1300 888 729 to place your order.

Chemset 101

CHEMSET 101 PLUS is a multi-purpose Polyester adhesive for anchoring threaded studs and starter bars in solid and hollow substrates

CHEMSET™ 101 PLUS is formulated using high performance, marine grade resin, which allows full load capacity in flooded holes to be attained as assessed to ETAG 001-5 Option 7.

CHEMSET™ 101 PLUS is styrene free and VOC compliant. Fast cure and fast dispensing for high productivity. Non-drip formula, ideal for overhead installation. Steel columns and beams, seating, machinery, facade pins, handrails, gates, starter bars, bottom plate fixing.

Key Features

  • Superior Marine Grade Polyester
  • Rapid Curing Time: Working time 6 minutes, 50 minute loading @ 20°C
  • Dry, Wet and Flooded Holes
  • Solid and Hollow Substrates
  • Thixotropic, Non-sag Formula
  • Easy Dispensing

Chemset Reo502 J

Reo 502™ is a high performance pure epoxy that provides high load capacity combined with tolerance to adverse anchoring environments including core drilled holes, oversized diameters, flooded conditions
and underwater.

One product for all anchoring environments simplifies product selection.
Reo 502™ is available in two versions; Reo 502™ EF for easy dispensing in cold conditions and standard Reo 502™ with quick 3 hour setting.

Key Features

Typical Applications

  • Post - installed reinforcing bar connections for concrete walls, columns and beams
  • Structural steel connections
  • Timber frame tie down per AS1684.2-1999
  • Starter Bars
  • Versatile Pure Epoxy Chemistry
  • Suitable for Flooded Holes, Oversized diameter, core drilled holes and underwater
  • Quick 3 hour loading time @ 20°C (Reo 502™)
  • Easy cold weather dispensing epoxy (Reo 502™ EF)
  • Long working time for deep embedment
  • Certified for repeated loading for 3 million cycles
  • Electrical insulator (non-conductive)

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