How Thorzt can keep you hydrated and on top of your game!

Date: 21-12-2020

When the majority of us think about hydration we tend to think it is a summer problem, as the days get longer and you are sweating more. This just isn’t the case, as you will become just as easily dehydrated in winter. Being able to keep on top of your hydration whether you are at work or home is a vital part of being able to continue to work in a safe environment. That is where thorzt comes into play, as they are able to provide you with a wide range of hydration aids to keep you going all day.

As it is known by most people, the human body requires water to be able to function, and our bodies can survive for much longer without food than we can without water. We are unable to produce water within our bodies, so any fluid that we lose, we must replace. The amount needing to be replaced will depend on the individual's body size, metabolism, climate conditions, our activity levels and the food we eat.

Most workers will be in ‘mild dehydration’ most days, if they dont take replenishing the fluids seriously. Mild hydration is the loss of 1-4% of their bodily fluids, workers generally sweat anywhere from 400ml to 2.6L per hour. Your heart rate will increase by 4 beats per minute for every 1% increase in dehydration your body goes through.

To understand why you need to take hydration seriously, you need to know that a loss of fluids can negatively affect your cognitive abilities, slow your reaction times and reduce performance. This can cause reduced output and careless work practices which could lead to serious accidents on the worksite. At 1% dehydration, your productivity is reduced by 12%. At 2% dehydration, your heart rate will increase by 8 beats per minute, which in turn will also increase the amount you sweat, while also decreasing your body's performance by up to 30%. Then at 3% dehydration your heart rate will increase by 12 beats per minute and your performance will reduce by 30-50%. Your reaction time will also be slowed to speeds similar to that if you have a blood alcohol level of 0.08.

While it is important to drink water, it is not able to replace the essential salts, minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids your body requires to maintain you at optimal levels. Thorzt has been designed and scientifically proven to provide your body with amino acids combined with magnesium and a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in all conditions, as well as offering your B and C group vitamins. On top of all that, their products are great tasting too. 

Thorzt product line comes with 5 delicious flavors; blue lemonade, lemon lime, orange, tropical and wild berry. They are 99% sugar, caffeine and gluten free. They are able to help maintain your mind and body function on the cellular level. With their wide range of products you’ll be able to use their benefits to ensure you and your work colleagues are at the top of your game all day. 

Some of the products they offer are cooling ties, electrolyte ice shots (which come in packs of 10), liquid concentrate 600ml bottles (which make up to 10L or 20L when mixed with ice), electrolyte powder 50pk and many more. If you would like to learn more about these products or order your own, our friendly and professional team at Timberfix will be able to assist you.