Quality product that stands the test of time

Date: 13-01-2021

There is a product for every and any DIY project. And thankfully these can all be found within the Sika products range. For those of you who may not be familiar with any Sika products, they have been in business from 1910 while cutting their teeth on the waterproofing of the Gotthard Tunnel. which allowed for the use of eclectic trains. Due to the success of their product the tunnel company used Sika as they went on to waterproof a further 67 tunnels over the next 20 years. By 1928 Sika had founded subsidiaries in England, Italy and France. Which led the company to continue to grow. This in turn afforded Sika to have a presence in Europe, South America and Asia by 1935.


While we could continue with their rich history you are now able to find any Sika product everywhere across the globe. Due to their superior quality and commitment to excellence. Nowadays Sika are able to offer a wide range of high performance and durable sealants, spray foams, tapes and elastic adhesives for building needs. Whether that is for interior or exterior construction. You will most likely find people using Sika products for the application of sealing the movement of joints between facade elements to ensure buildings are weatherproof, the bonding of wooden flooring to be able to reduce noise pollution, or even the sealing of joints in airport aprons. 


As you can see these products are able to ensure a high-quality adhesive so you can rest assured that no matter where you apply them, they will always be up to the task at hand. Due to the quality of their product line, the demand continues to grow in the market. As more people come to fully grasp the understanding of using high-performance sealants, it can benefit the overall durability and energy efficiency of buildings. While also being able to increase the total volume of high-rise properties, along with the continued and inevitable replacement of any mechanical fastening systems by their adhesive counterparts, due to their better performance.


In line with doing everything they can to offer you a top tier product. Sika have also released fire rated sealants. As fire protection solutions gain importance across the blogger due to the high level of urbanisation, Sika have taken the next step to offer their clients the additional safety measure that if a fire does occur. The fire protection solutions Sika offer is able to retain the fire and smoke to where they have occurred for a certain amount of time. Therefore, allowing inhabitants time to exit the building safely. It is also important to note that their fire rated products comply with the most relevant safety standards (Australian Standards, EN, ETAG, UL, ASTM)  


If you need any more information on any Sika products we sell, please feel free to reach out to our professional and friendly team at Timberfix or visit us in our stores, and we’ll be more than happy to help assist you in any way we can.