Timber Screws - Stainless Steel 304

Timber Screws - Stainless Steel 304

Timberfix offers a wide range of stainless steel screws in Sydney, Blue Mountains and throughout New South Wales. We have a comprehensive selection of quality products, ranging from button heads to countersunk heads, as well as specialised screws such as roof screws and trapease screws.

Durable and Made to Last

Screws may be one of the smallest components of a build but is undeniably one of the most important ones. Screws are a basic necessity on a construction site and help form the foundation of a strong timber structure as its main fastener.

Our stainless screws provide you with a reliable fastener that offers greater security when compared to nails. Tough and highly resistant to the elements, our screws are made to last.

Yearly losses to corrosion are huge – they lead to millions of dollars in damage every year. Switching to high-quality stainless steel metal screws can ensure that your structure remains solid and secure.

The corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel can lengthen the life of your build, reduce the need for maintenance and repairs, and prevent injury due to unsafe structures.

Economical and Practical

Timberfix uses stainless steel 304. This grade is an economical and practical choice for outdoor use as it can withstand corrosion and most types of oxidising acids.

304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used forms of stainless steel in the construction industry and the preferred metal for most construction applications.

Fast, Reliable Delivery from Timberfix

Fast, reliable on-site delivery – this is the Timberfix promise. We offer Next Day Deliveries on all orders that come in before 4:30pm AEST, catering to construction sites within the Sydney Metro Area.

For orders outside of Sydney, we deliver our products on-time, directly to your site. View our selection of stainless steel screw fasteners below. Contact Timberfix today.