Multi-Purpose Sika Products for Your Building Needs

At Timberfix, we supply Sika products that include some of the highest-quality and most trusted bonding agents in the world. High-performance and low wastage, Sika® has become a go-to brand in the construction industry. Our Sika® adhesives can be used in damp concrete and low temperatures. They provide high load capacity, fast curing and shrinkage-free hardening.

Sika products adhesives are commonly used in the following substrates: concrete, wood, steel, stone, solid sock and masonry. This epoxy-based resin bonding system is commonly used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With Sika products, you have the best epoxy adhesive for a variety of construction adhesive needs, from metalwork and carpentry to steel reinforcement to electrical services installation. Sika products come in different containers that suit a variety of application styles. Timberfix carries a wide selection of these here. Choose from a 300ml single cartridge for your caulking gun or a 6kg tub for large scale applications.

Timberfix is Sydney’s leading supplier for construction supplies, tools and hardware. We search for the best products on the market and offer them at competitive rates. Get in touch with our team for any enquiries.

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