A Fast, Reliable Concrete Retarder Supplier

Timberfix is a top supplier of concrete retarders and a range of other concrete admixture products. The Sika Retarder is one of the most trusted brands in Australia and the preferred concrete admixture solutions at construction sites across the country.

If you are working under extreme conditions or need to place a mass amount of concrete, you will need a high-quality concrete surface retarder to ensure that the final results are consistent and level.

Sika concrete retarder products can delay the setting time of concrete and help maintain its workability. After the initial retardation, however, the concrete will harden at an equivalent rate as that of unretarded concrete.

A Versatile Choice

As Sika concrete retarders increase the setting time of concrete, it is ideal for construction sites that handle large concrete pours. They are also used for harsh environmental conditions, such as when working in high temperatures.

Versatile and durable, Sika concrete retarders can prevent the formation of cracks in places where the formwork deforms. It can also minimise the risk of cold joints, which can affect the structural integrity of your pour.

Cold joints form when two batches of concrete do not set at the same time, which may produce a plane of weakness. Cold joints may also be less aesthetically pleasing than concrete surfaces that cure at the same rate.

With Sika concrete retarders, you can also premix the concrete and deliver it over long distances, instead of having to mix it on-site. This ensures a uniform quality to your concrete mix.

Fast Deliveries Throughout Sydney

Timberfix offers fast deliveries throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains and New South Wales. We offer next day delivery in the Sydney metro area for orders that come in before 4:30pm AEST.

We carry a large stock of concrete surface retarder products, ideal for all of your construction needs. Contact Timberfix today.