Why Choosing High-Quality Nuts and Bolts Matters

Date: 28-Sep-2018

A lost or loose bolt could lead to the breaking down or malfunctioning of a piece of equipment. Low-grade nuts or bolts may places projects and workers at risk. Purchasing quality fasteners improve your construction project’s structural integrity and overall functionality.

Here are the reasons why choosing high-quality nuts and bolts matters:

Performance concerns

Quality nuts and bolts ensure that every part of a structure does what it’s supposed to. A roof is supposed to keep the weather out of a home, and a constructed bridge has to hold up despite the constant weight and or traffic. Good quality materials are expected to perform to a certain standard, and using the right fasteners ensures the quality and consistency of performance.

When you choose subpar nuts and bolts, they either deteriorate easily or not form a tight seal between materials. Choosing high-quality fasteners made with the right materials are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and external pressure. They play their part in ensuring that every construction project performs safely and properly.

When the nut and bolt combination is not well-optimised, you could end up with nuts and bolts that do not fit together well, resulting in fastening problems or an imbalance that could damage tools or shear their threads.

Quality materials ensure safety

High-grade nuts and bolts do not just keep things in place; they keep things safe. Cheaply manufactured or inferior-quality nuts and bolts tend to be weak and could make a structure unsafe.

When you use a nut and a bolt made of two different metals or chemical groups, they tend to react with each other in different ways. Exposing them to moisture or an electric charge may result in a chemical reaction. This can lead to corrosion and eventual damage.

It is best to buy fasteners from the same manufacturer. This helps assure you that each nut and bolt would have been made with the same materials and produced under the same conditions. The chances of dealing with chemical reactions or incorrect nut and bolt fits are.

High-quality nuts and bolts available at Timberfix

Putting time, money and effort into a construction project, only to suffer damage due to low-quality nuts and bolts, requires costly repairs in the long run. The loss and inconvenience is not worth your initial cost savings.

At Timberfix, we understand what it means to invest in the right kinds of nuts and bolts. Allow us to help you ensure a safe and well-built construction project. Our nuts and bolts are robust, durable and highly resistant to corrosion. We provide stainless steel bolts made from 316-grade steel, making it ideal for use in high-chloride environments.

We are one of Sydney’s leading nuts and bolts suppliers and offer a wide range of construction supplies. Contact us on 1300 888 729 for enquiries.