Date: 30-Jun-2020

Complying with safety regulations is a given on your site. Each policy is in place for a reason, and despite the intricate and sometimes complex reasoning and layers of policy, the end result is always focused on a common keep you, your crew and site visitors safe.


One such area that contributes to this safety is clearly identifiable information. This information can be demonstrated in various methods around the worksite. It may be a written or distributed act from management to the active team on any given day or shift, perhaps a company wide newsletter or email, or even more tradtional static message placements such as signage. 

Regardless of the medium however, the message must be clear.


One such method of clearly identifying the purpose of the policy is safety labels. Customised safety labels are especially practical and successful in conveying not only the primary message, but also in establishing a sense of pride in the company for the support of this safety message.


Take for example, a custom label affixed to a site helmet / hard hat. While generic labels certianly deliver the message, a custom label projects far more. A custom label will let your crew and visitors know that this site and company is operated by safety conscious team that is confident in their ability to deliver that practise of safety.


Timberfix, can supply your site with custom labels. Our 50 x 50mm labels are especially popular in the industry and are easily tailored to feature your brand across a range of pre-formatted options. 


Simply call us on 1300 888 729, to speak with one of our expert sales professionals who can advise the best solution for your company.  Already know what you are looking for?... Email us on with your specs and we'll look after your request.


Timberfix is renowed for our cooperative, competant and efficient turnaround with custom labels, so give us a call and see for yourself why the industry turns to Timberfix for help.


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