Are you a cord or cordless worker?

Date: 21-Oct-2020

When it comes to the building world one of the oldest questions still being asked is corded or cordless. This is certainly still a hot topic for people doing any kind of framing. While there are a vast amount of brands and models to choose from like DeWalt, Hitachi, Bostitch and Paslode framing nailers., just to name a few. The use of a corded or cordless nailer will largely depend on the way and regularity in which you use your framing nailer.

Although cordless framing nailers have been around for a little while now, and they are better than they have been, with more options than ever before. Is it time to buy one? Or do the corded nailers still sit atop the throne?

Let's start with the corded framing nailers. Aswe know their biggest drawback is also their greatest strength. Being the air compressor and the hose that needs to be attached to the nailer. This then means that you normally have to lug around a couple more pieces of equipment. This isn’t just extra items you now have cluttering up your work space. But also more maintenance that will need to be done to ensure that all parts are working properly.

Though it isn’t all bad, in general corded or pneumatic nailers are generally lighter than their cordless counterparts, also they are less expensive too. And depending on the brand, you are able to start using a corded nailer with a lower upfront costing than you would pay for a cordless battery operated model.

The smaller size and lighter weights are a major selling point into why they are still as popular now as they were a few years ago. Also do not overlook the fact that they are able to pack a greater punch, higher impact rate and can be used longer than the cordless nailers.

That isn’t to say that cordless nailers aren’t any good. As mentioned earlier they have made great progress over the past years. As you would expect they are much more convenient to work with, as they do not require an air hose or compressor to function. They also remove the need to have any additional maintenance be conducted on said compressors. They are ready to go as soon as you plug in your charged battery and obviously load the nails into the magazine.

While the cordless nailers are much more convenient than the corded variants, this does come at an actual cost. As they tend to be more expensive. But it also comes with the additional weight you will have to compete with while using them. However cordless nailers like the Ramser Boss XPM have some great features and benefits like:

  • Automatic piston return with no manual cycling
  • 400J maximum impact energy
  • 10 Pin magazine and single shot fastener guide
  • 75mm magazine capacity, 100mm single shot capacity
  • Power adjustment
  • Trigger lock
  • Hand guard
  • Easy to maintain on site
  • Cushioned rubber grip

If you need any more details on this product or others feel free to contact the professional team at Timberfix who will be able to help you out.

Then the final decision on whether you choose corded or cordless, will largely be to personal preference. While both are able to do their jobs very well. If you are looking to be using the device all day for most days, you would be hard pressed to go past the corded framing nailer.