March 31st 2021

TIMBERFIX is pleased to introduce Timberfix Small Plant Hire. Visit to view our range of hire equipment including:

✅ Plate Compactors
✅ Rammers & Foot Tampers
✅ Mini Excavators
✅ Skid Steer Loaders
✅ Water Carts
✅ Generators
✅ Light Towers
✅ Forklifts
✅ Site Sheds
✅ Container Storage
✅ Traffic Signs
✅ Barrier & Road Plates
✅ Trailers
✅ Welders
✅ Ride On Mowers
✅ Concrete Laying / Cutting
✅ Cleaning
✅ Landscaping / Plumbing / Safety
✅ Scaffolding
...and more!

DID YOU KNOW....TIMBERFIX also has a Kenworth truck for hire? visit our new site to view the gallery. Call us on 1300 888 729 to learn more about our Kenworth truck and our wide range of Small Plant Hire equipment available.

March 22nd 2021

TIMBERFIX is proud to introduce our newest Sales Representative, Albert Clark. “Albie” as he is commonly known, may be fresh on the Rep’ scene, but is by no means a stranger to the construction industry. With a strong understanding of our market, range and plenty of experience with hands on tasks, Albie brings to the team enthusiasm, product knowledge and a willingness to provide exceptional customer service.

You may very well be seeing Albie on your site soon, as he works his way around the Sydney construction scene in tandem with Michael, and our team of Sales Rep’s from Timberfix.

Already met Albie? Well…you know how keen he is to talk hardware and find a solution to your site needs. If you haven’t met Albie, give our Customer Relations Manager, Katrina, a call on 1300 888 729 and we can arrange a site visit at a mutually convenient time.

As always, we’re sure Timberfix has the right solution for all your hardware, fasteners & site supplies needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Meet the Team...

In the first of our “Meet the Team” series, we are pleased to introduce Katrina Capomolla.

Joining the Timberfix Pty Ltd team in August 2019, Katrina is responsible for building and maintaining our extensive database, researching new site opportunities and assigning those sites to the most suited of our Reps'.

Managing a team of up to 6 company representatives on any given day, Katrina is a key player in helping to bring new work in, expose the industry to Timberfix and the benefits of purchasing from us and maintaining a healthy relationship with our long term established customers.

Spearheading several projects that have taken the company forward in the past year, Timberfix is fortunate to have someone with the drive and vision Katrina brings to the team.

Wearing many caps in a day, you may even speak with Katrina when calling Timberfix, as she will often be the first to answer incoming calls during our busy afternoon period.

“I love coming to work, it’s more than just a job to me. Building relationships with people and then seeing the positive outcomes through our teamwork as we help them with their company projects is an amazing feeling! It’s also great to have some positive news during this challenging time for our industry.”



Continuing our "Meet the Team" series, today we are proud to focus this introduction on Oliver Clark.

If ever there was a case for being labelled a dynamo…our very own Oliver Clark is worthy of that description.

Entering the family owned and operated Timberfix business in 2008, Oliver possesses knowledge, skills and leadership qualities beyond his years.

Officially tagged as “Head of Sales”, that mantle is purely a conveniently assigned efficient title, as otherwise he would need to carry with him a business card of grand proportions in order to include all the activities, responsibilities and contributions Oliver actually brings to the company on a daily basis.

Not one content to stay still for too long, Oliver personally takes it upon himself to meet and greet our clients. ‘Hitting the road’ as they say, 2-3 times a week.

So whether you know Oliver from the phone, from his site or head office visits…we’re sure you’ve learned just a little more about him and while there may have been some areas you were previously unsure of until reading this article…one area you can always be sure of, is that Oliver Clark has solid foundations, a sturdy character and is cemented as the real deal.



This week, as we expand on our popular “Meet the Team” series, Timberfix Pty Ltd is happy to introduce Emmeline Clark.

Emmeline, is our hard working Receptionist, who joined our team in January this year, and is more often than not the first to greet you on the phone, qualifying your enquiry to the most suited department or staff member. Her pleasant, bubbly personality qualifies her perfectly to the face of our company in this capacity.

With a willingness to help, Emmeline spends her days not only speaking with our clients, but also attending to countless ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that help to make our workplace so much more enjoyable than otherwise would be the case without her contribution.

Her interpersonal and administration skills are only part of her talents of course, assisting daily in many of our staff based in-house meals, up to and including the general upkeep of our workplace.

Always one to embrace change, participation and overall teamwork, Emmeline is a valued and crucial member of the Timberfix and Clark family, who we are collectively grateful to have on board.

So the next time you call us, and Emmeline greets you on the other end of the line, take a moment to say hello and acknowledge her as one of our rising Timberfix stars.



They say the necessary qualities of a Logistics Manager include the ability to be simultaneously proactive and reactive, while maintaining a high degree of clarity and calmness under pressure.

Happily, we can say with confidence that our resident Timberfix Pty Ltd Logistics Manager embodies those prerequisites and therefore it is with pleasure that our continuation of “Meet the Team” this week focuses on Jeremy Clark.

Jeremy’s role is one of constant planning, anticipation, plan B’s and straight up thinking on his feet at any given moment.

His duties tie in closely with our Purchasing Officers, Sales Representatives and Dispatch crew, and as such, is a diverse and big-picture role.

A working knowledge of all our suppliers, routes, areas, stocks and personnel is vital to ensure the smooth day to day operations are kept in check and executed with accuracy and timing.

We thank Jeremy for his marvellous work at Timberfix, and congratulate him on his successful contribution to the company’s ongoing success.


We often unknowingly search for meaningful signs in our lives, we are governed by the direction of physical signs and we collectively analyse social events as a ‘Sign of the times’. You see….signs, in their varying manifestations of both the material and metaphorical, play a significant role in the structure by which we live our lives. It is therefore reasonable to place great importance upon signs.

With that in mind, it is our great pleasure for “Meet the Team” to introduce two ladies who are the driving force behind the Timberfix Pty Ltd signage section in Rebecca Boyling & Isabelle Clark.

From standard stock pieces through to custom site signage of varying sizes, as well as a multitude of labels, Rebecca and Isabelle design, print and finish signage on both poly and metal depending on customer requirements.

So the next time you see a Timberfix sign, take a moment to acknowledge its production by our talented signage section.

If you would like to make enquiries into custom signs or labels, please contact Isabelle or Rebecca on 1300 888 729 or via


When it comes to how a company represents itself in the market, high importance is placed on the selection for company representatives, who will ultimately be the ‘face’ of the company when meeting and speaking with customers.

Granted, meeting customers in person has changed dramatically this year, however by following protocols and remaining safe, it is still a significant part of our business.

Timberfix Pty Ltd is pleased to introduce our valued Reps’ in John Boyle & Michael Bohocki.

Both John & Michael are fulltime reps out and about daily, covering sites from the Sydney CBD, as well as North to Newcastle and South to Wollongong area.

John has been with us for 4 years, with Michael joining our team more recently in the past 12 months.

Collectively, our Reps help to bring on board new customers, maintain existing relationships and assist in many other areas that contribute to the smooth running of the business each day.

Thank you John & Michael, we appreciate your efforts and we know our customers do also.


When we think multi-tasking, the common assumption is to imagine someone focussing on two tasks simultaneously. This is not incorrect, it just falls short in doing justice to the scope of what applies to this weeks’ “Meet the Team” staff member focus.

TIMBERFIX is proud to introduce our very own Laura McPhail.

Laura wears many metaphorical caps in the workplace, often spanning her time between tasks and locations at Timberfix within any given day.

Assisting heavily with our accounts, invoicing and various other administration based duties, Laura somehow also finds time during the course of the work day to share company news to all staff, keeping us appraised of current and upcoming news and events, planning functions both on and offsite, qualifying inbound phone customers and generally contributing across the board.

One particular aspect of Laura’s input worthy of special mention is her flare and skill in preparing some amazing staff dishes that we are fortunate enough to enjoy here at Timberfix.

On behalf of Management, staff and appreciative customers, we thank you for your contribution to the company Laura.


As has been the case with our series of “Meet the Team”, the trend indicates our staff are no one-hit-wonders, relegated to a single function or purpose. Fittingly, TIMBERFIX is proud to continue our introductions this week with Walter Clark.

Walter, like so many of our valued staff, contributes to the company across a number of key areas. First and foremost, attending to Sales does admittedly account for a large portion of Walter’s day, with incoming calls often featuring as a major aspect of his efforts.

Taking on a differing format of Sales, Walter also ventures out and about to personally visit jobs, assisting and guiding customers towards the best solutions for their site needs in a ‘Rep capacity.

In addition, Walter maintains our primary online presence at, ensuring products are accurately represented visually, working internally & with third party associates to improve the overall functionality, efficiency and discoverability of our website.

As a Timberfix customer, you likely have spoken with Walter on the phone, and are already aware of his product knowledge, calm demeanour. The next time you call & speak with Walter, you're now a little more aware again of his important contribution.


She speaks Japanese, Spanish and Tagalog. She lived in New York & Tokyo for 25 years before settling in the Blue Mountains and has been a valued part of our team for 12 years!

This week for our “Meet the Team” post, Timberfix is proud and grateful to introduce Angie Cortez-Menchin.

Angie is our Accounts Manager, attending to crucial aspects of the business in ensuring cash flow is maintained, invoices are settled both incoming and outgoing, and a plethora of other administration based tasks that see the lights stay on, the trucks remain on the road and our customer / supplier relationships are kept happy.

Liaising internally and externally, Angie’s days are often hectic and intense. She handles her duties with understanding, awareness and attention to detail.
Thank you Angie, for all your efforts and dedication.

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