Coronavirus Covid-19


Statement with reference to Covid-19

Timberfix would like to let our valued customers know that we are taking the current pandemic situation in relation to Covid-19 seriously, and support the Government advice & guidelines regarding the policy for social distancing, hygiene practices and restricted gatherings.

Rest assured we are here to assist with site supplies, and would like to remind you that we can deliver direct to your site from a simple phone sale. This saves you and your crew from having to leave your site, facing extensive store queues and reducing your exposure to the general public.

At Timberfix, we are taking steps to ensure risk is minimised to staff and customers, with extensive disinfecting of surfaces, frequent hand sanitisation and also the investment of an electronic fogging machine, for the most efficient method of sanitisation of our extensive stock holdings facility.

These practices are reviewed daily based on the available information at hand.

Our quality Hand Sanitiser is manufactured and bottled in Australia, available now for purchase (subject to availability). We are working in with our suppliers daily to secure more stock. Also available is our range of disinfectants, and other hygienic products.

As stock becomes more readily available, we will have more news forthcoming for your supplies, and remain vigilant in terms of monitoring country of origin for any imported goods. Timberfix is supporting Australian manufacturing where ever possible

We appreciate your business and hope to continue to support yours. Feel free to call us on 1300 888 729 to discuss your needs.

- Timberfix.

Hand Senitiser